Weathering steel bridges quiz

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Please answer the following 10 multiple choice questions, then click 'submit' to check the result. The pass mark for a CPD certificate is 8 out of 10, and you may retake the quiz as many times as you wish, but the questions will vary! Please note that one, two, three or all of the possible answers presented for each question may be right, and to gain a mark for that question all correct answers must be identified.

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Weathering steel bridges

If a new weathering steel bridge is to be painted (e.g. the outer faces of the outer girders for aesthetic reasons), which of the following statements would best apply?

The surface preparation need not be as thorough, due to the nature of the material
Similar surface preparation and coatings should be applied as for conventional steel bridges
More onerous surface preparation is required to remove salts from corrosion pits on the steel surface
Conventional paint systems should not be used as they will not adhere to weathering steel

Highlight the benefits of weathering steel compared to painted steel bridges?

Lower future maintenance requirements
Increased environmental impact
Reduced health and safety risks
Significantly lower whole life costs

How long do measurements have to be taken at a bridge site to obtain representative average values for environmental classification?

3 months
6 months
12 months
5 years

Ordinary 'Carbon Manganese' electrodes can be used for which of the following welds on weathering steel bridges?

Capping runs of multi-run fillet and butt welds
Single run welds up to 8mm fillet welds
Intermittent (or stitch) fillet welds
Root and filler runs in multi-run fillet and butt welds that will not be exposed

The sacrificial corrosion allowance applies to which of the following?

All exposed elements
The interior of sealed box girders

What routine maintenance is recommended for typical weathering steel bridges?

Periodic cleaning to remove build-ups of dirt or debris
Regular clearing of drainage systems
Removal of overhanging vegetation
Repainting every 20 years

Which weathering steel products are readily available in the UK?

Open sections (e.g. UKB)
Closed sections (e.g. RHS)
Sheet piles

What is the sacrificial corrosion allowance (per exposed surface) for 'severe' environments?


What is the standard minimum headroom for weathering steel bridges over roads subject to de-icing salt in the winter months?


The residual steel thickness should be monitored at clearly identified critical points on the girders at every Principal Inspection. Which two options are generally accepted as being suitable for defining the locations of these critical points?

On the as-built drawings
In the bridge maintenance manual
On the girders themselves
In the analysis model