Corrosion protection quiz


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Corrosion protection

Which standard is the product specification for hot dip galvanizing?

BS EN ISO 14713-1
BS EN ISO 2063
BS EN ISO 1461
BS EN ISO 12944

What is the most common form of corrosion protection?

Hot dip galvanizing
Paint coatings
Thermally sprayed metal coatings
Paint and metal coatings together

When is acid pickling carried out?

Before coating small components
As a pre-treatment for painting
Before hot dip galvanizing

What type of surface 'roughness' should steel have before being thermally metal sprayed?

Rounded with high profile amplitude
Angular with high profile amplitude
Rounded with low profile amplitude
Angular with low profile amplitude

The corrosion of steel can be controlled by?

Coupling to a more noble metal
Paint coatings
Metal coatings
Washing with chlorinated water

Which of the following can be found in a corrosion protection specification?

How to mix paints
Coating film thicknesses
Types of coating equipment
Method of surface preparation

MIO is a type of?

Paint for motorway structures

The key to successful corrosion protection should consider which of the following?

Good design detailing of the structure
The corrosivity of the environment
The type of steel used
A good coating specification

Identify one of the main requirements of a prefabrication primer?

To be 'weldable'
To provide long term protection
To be a thick coating
To dry slowly

The design detailing of a steel structure is important for?

Aesthetic purposes
To prevent water and dirt retention
To aid the application of protective coatings
Coating inspection