Gateshead Millennium Bridge

               Gateshead Millenium Footbridge.jpg

This iconic steel bridge spans 105m across the River Tyne, and comprises a parabolic fabricated box section deck supported by spiral strand stay cables from an inclined parabolic steel arch. The fundamentally simple concept comes to life as the pair of arches pivot around their common springing point to allow shipping to pass beneath. The steel components were fabricated in Bolton and fully assembled on the bank of the Tyne at Wallsend. The entire superstructure was then transported 6 miles to its final position in November 2000 using the Asian Hercules II floating crane, and lowered into position to a tolerance of +/- 2mm.

Architect Wilkinson Eyre Architects
Structural Engineer Gifford and Partners
Steelwork Contractor Watson Steel Structures Ltd.
(now Severfield (UK) Ltd)
Main Contractor Harbour & General
Client Gateshead Council

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