Prologis design for reuse

               Prologis Heathrow 3.png
Under construction

Prologis has set itself an impressive set of sustainability targets for its future distribution facilities, as exemplified by Prologis Park near Stockley Park, Heathrow. The 5500m2 warehousing facility was designed so that it could be disassembled and reused, if required on another site, even down to the level of the ground beams. The 99m long two-storey structure is manufactured in the form of a two-bay portal frame with adjoining office space. The external ‘brise soleil’ is supported by pencil thin tubular steel columns and the canopy also reduces solar gain of the glazed façade. The high bay portal frames span 24m in two bays and allow a 10m clear space to the underside of the haunch. All steel members are stamped with the section size and grade to allow them to be identified and reused.

The two-storey warehouse and office building is designed to be easily erected and potentially dismantled. Approximately 80% of the portal frame structure, 95% of the floor beams and 100% of the galvanized steel components are re-usable. Other similar buildings are used on other Prologis sites in the UK. This building is now let to BAA.