Steel the safe solution quiz

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Please answer the following 10 multiple choice questions, then click 'submit' to check the result. The pass mark for a CPD certificate is 8 out of 10, and you may retake the quiz as many times as you wish, but the questions will vary! Please note that one, two, three or all of the possible answers presented for each question may be right, and to gain a mark for that question all correct answers must be identified.

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Steel the safe solution

When should fixing of metal decking start?

As soon as possible
As soon as the supporting beams are in place
After the steel frame is aligned and stable
Not until all steelwork is complete and grouted

Which two of the following are the necessary steps in getting a site task done safely?

Reporting back to company head office on progress
Setting out what is involved in the task in hand
Completing each task as quickly as possible to reduce the time at risk
Identifying who is to undertake the task

Which of the following is the most important step that contributes towards safe practice?

Providing good canteen facilities on site
Only undertaking work during daylight hours
Ensuring that competent persons are mobilised to undertake the task in hand
Establishing a personal relationship with the site safety officer

BCSA’s assessment of its member companies meets SSIP requirements, what does SSIP stand for?

Safety Schemes in Procurement
Steelwork Safety is Promotion
Safe Steel in Practice
Single Source in Procurement

When should steel erectors be allowed to climb on to the steelwork?

Any time that an experienced erector decides
Only after a suitable method has been established in advance
Only whilst two safety lanyards are both attached, one to a MEWP and one to the steelwork

Which one of the following would be beyond the scope of competence to be expected of a typical steelwork contractor?

Erection on a city centre site
Drilling concrete
Using bonding adhesives
Erection on a contoured site

Prior to the issue of tender documents for construction, which two of the following issues that affect steel erection will need resolving?

Soil conditions affecting the safe operation of plant
Exact methods of providing safe access to positions of work and safe working positions
Access to the site and within the site
The lifting devices necessary

The BCSA has developed industry safe site practice for which three of the following situations?

Erection of multi-storey buildings
Erection of grandstands and stadia
Steel erection in windy conditions
Metal decking and stud welding

When erecting a single storey building which is the type of crane that would most generally be used?

Tower crane
Mobile telescopic crane
Crawler crane
Gantry crane

How can frame designers contribute most effectively to ensuring steelwork is erected safely?

By having a dialogue with those responsible for planning and undertaking the work on site
By a comprehensive series of notes on the drawings issued for construction
By designing to keep the weight of each steel member as low as possible
By specifying that steel erectors should never exit the basket of a MEWP at height