The work of the Association for Specialist Fire Protection quiz

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Please answer the following 5 multiple choice questions, then click 'submit' to check the result. The pass mark for a CPD certificate is 4 out of 5, and you may retake the quiz as many times as you wish, but the questions will vary! Please note that one, two, three or all of the possible answers presented for each question may be right, and to gain a mark for that question all correct answers must be identified.

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The work of the Association for Specialist Fire Protection

Regulation 38 requires that, ''where building work involves the erection or extension of a relevant building, fire safety information shall be given to the ....... ........ at the completion of the project or when the building or extension is first occupied''. What are the missing words?

Fire brigade
Responsible person
Building owner
Building occupier

CE marking shows that the declared product performance has been obtained by the procedures set out in the relevant European Product Standards (hEN) or European Assessment Documents (EAD). Which of the following statements, if any, are correct?

The CE mark is a national mark
The CE mark in a quality mark
CE marking certifies that the products have met EU health, safety and environmental requirements that ensure consumer and workplace safety
None of the above

When did the Construction Productions Regulation become mandatory in the UK?

June 2011
August 2012
July 2013
It has not happened yet

Which of the following would you expect to be available from the Association for Specialist Fire Protection?

Advisory notes
Technical guidance documents
Best practice guidance
All of the above

Which of these might you expect to see as members of the Association for Specialist Fire Protection:

Fire protection manufacturers
Fire brigades
Fire protection applicators
Fire test certification bodies